Monday, June 6, 2011

Well, One Thing I Did Not Do This Week Is Get Hit By a Car!

Well, sounds like another exciting week over there in Fresno. ( did I ever tell you all that Fresno is the name of a famous band here, everyone tells me that when I tell them what city I'm from)

My week here was also quite exiting. This week I did a two day division with Elder L. Silva, and Elder Marx went to Ijui for 2 days. Elder L. Silva is a cool guy, he's from Fortaleza, the other side of Brasil, and he's Indian, or in other words, LAMANITE. It was pretty cool, but he did some crazy stuff, like grab limes off trees and eat them whole. I tried it, but it was quite sour, also the skin was hard to bite, haha.

It's pretty cool here, there are citrus trees ripe EVERYWHERE here. There's orange, tangerine, lime, even cumquat! So we basically just go around grabbing tangerines all over the place and eating them on the road since they are way easy to peel. This week I also learned that avocado is something you can make a smoothie out of , and you can also just pour a bunch of sugar on it and eat it with a spoon. Imagine that.

Then on Wednesday, Presidente Soares, the 1st quorum of the seventy presidente of the area of Brasil came to our mission. Wow that was awesome. He has the potential of being an apostle someday. We had a big meeting with 4/7 of the mission, but beforehand, he had a meeting with us 8 zone leaders that were there. Pretty intense. It was fairly awesome.

Sunday was awesome because David, who was baptized last week, already got the a
Aaronic priesthood, and already went home teaching with the Elders Quorum President yesterday, awesome! He has been reading a chapter a day in the Book of Mormon. He is so awesome. His mom and Stepdad are going to be baptized in a month and a half, they just have to get married ( which takes longer here) and stop smoking.

Also, we visited Rafael and Alice on Sunday. They will be baptized in 2 weeks. They are also awesome. They have been going to church for a while, Rafael just had some doctrinal issues because he comes from a strong Spiritist backround. He is 19, and Alice is his little sister. He basically taught her the Joseph Smith story. Rafael and Alice´s mom, Patricia, will also get baptized soon, she just has to get some problems worked out with her marriage. We showed upon Monday there, and she burst open with a bunch of stuff she had found on the internet about poligamy, and other deep and difficult doctrine. We responded to her questions, she understood, and said, ´´I got really worried and confused about all these things people say about the church, because in the church, I can feel a peace that I can not feel anywhere else in my life.´´

Being a missionary is awesome, be prepared brothers!

*Mother's note: the title is in reference to what his brother DID do this week!

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