Monday, June 13, 2011

Lots of Pictures of a Tall American!

A painting an investigator made- pretty awesome.

Us with David and his Mom and Stepdad who are also going to get baptized once they get married!

Us with our Bishop.

Our Chapel

Erico Verissimo Museum we went to.

Elder Rodrigues, me, and Elder Martini

Well , this week was a sweet week. On last P-day we finally went to this Eric Verissimo Museum. Have you ever heard of him? He's a famous writer that was born and lived in Cruz Alta. He wrote the book ´´The Time and the Wind´´ maybe you've heard of it.
The other day we did a family night with someone, and we made pancakes for them. They decided to make a meat sauce topping to try in addition to the syrup we made. I refused to try it at first, but it was actually really good! Who would have thought?
Anyway, that was the least crazy part of the week.
On Tuesday the sisters in our zone were robbed. So we had to go down (walking like an hour) to the police station to see how they were doing and stuff, and that basically ate up our whole day. This is the third time in my time here in Cruz Alta that the sisters have been robbed. So President Ribeiro decided to take them out of the area. It was quite a crazy day for us.
Then the next day we had a meeting with President Ribeiro and the Cruz Alta Stake President. The Stake Presedent told Pres Ribeiro that he wants the Zone Leaders to be in 4th ward (that happens to be the ward the sisters are in), because it's the ward that needs to divide to make a new Stake here in this region. So suddenly Marx and I were going to be transferred to the other side of the city, opening up the area the very next day.
Then we called President later, and because of the confusion that it would make, switching houses right now, he decided to postpone the trade until the transfer, next week. That was a relief. Then the next day we organized and did this huge ward activity, that basically ate up the whole day, but it was way good.
This week I had an awesome experience with David. At church he was taking about how much the church had changed his life and stuff. It was so awesome. His mom also talked about how much he had changed. Next week we will baptize Rafael and his sister Alice. Rafael is 19 he is way awesome. I'll tell you more about him next week. I've gotta go!

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