Monday, January 10, 2011


Well today has been crazy, but I´ll get to that in a bit, here's what happened this week.

Right now in the Livro de Mormon, I'm in 3 Néfi, Novo Testamento, I'm on 1 John.
Also, this week I studied Jacob 5 hardcore, it was pretty awesome, I learned some really cool things that I did not know.

The other day we were teaching this guy named Siro who apparently almost got baptized a long time ago. He has some of the craziest beliefs.

One interesting thing about living in another language: There are a lot of phrases or words, that don't really have a good translation for English, and it's the same thing vice versa. For example, they don't really have a word for Boring or Awkward.

Then one day I got a pineapple, cut off the top and cut out the inside, made pineapple juice, and then we drank pineapple juice, lemonade, and guarana out of the pineapple using a bomba (the big metal straws they use around here for chimarrão.

On the 7th I hit the 6 month mark. Wow those 6 months have gone by fast.
That morning on the 7th the Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on our door. hahaha. They were quite surprised when the Mormon Missionaries answered the door. hehehehehehe
We didn't bible bash or anything. We talked, presented our knowledge and beliefs.

The other day I pinned a fly down on its leg.
Fasting is really hard here. Imagine this: going without water for 24 hours walking around all day during the summer in Fresno. It's pretty close to that.

My last day with Elder Martini was good.
We taught 2 specifically good lessons. One was this guy whose mom had just died It was super awesome to be able to help him out. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. The other was this other lady who we had taught for a bit like 6 weeks ago, but then her mom came to visit, and her mom doesn't like missionaries, so we couldnt visit. Finally she left, and we taught a way awesome lesson.

Anyway, the transfer thing.

Yesterday Elder Martini and Elder Marx left, and so just me and Elder Cerqueira remained, not knowing who our new companions would be, but knowing that we would have to go to Santa Maria to pick them up. The Secretaries were very vague with us at first.

We had found out a few days ago that Cerqueira and I would have to leave for Santa Maria, and that I wouldn't return until Wednesday. I could only think of one reason that I would stay that long, that I would become a Trainer. Plus I had been thinking for a while due to various things that I would end up training.
Anyway, after our companions had left, Cerqueira (by the way, he has the same time as me on the mission, 6 months, I would have met him in the CTM if I had gone directly there) and I went to my area to do some stuff. We were talking and he said, ´´Dude I just want to get a really good companion right now to help me out, so we can work really hard and really make a difference here.´´

Today, I got off the phone with the Executive Secretary, having been told about all that happened in the transfer, and I said to Cerquera, ´´hey remember what you said about your future companion?´´ He said yes, and I then replied ´´Well, here I am!´´ He didn't believe it at all, it was way funny. Then I told him how I had been the one transferred, not him, so I took Elder Marx's spot, so I'm in the same house, in the same city, I just switched areas, and then I told him how two other Elders were being sent to my old area, an Elder Taylor and Elder Matoso. Elder Taylor has about a year and a half and Matoso is pretty new I think. Anyway, at this point, Elder Cerqeuira honestly still wasn't believing me, and then I told him, `Well, you think this is all super crazy right? Well I haven't even told you the craziest part yet. Are you ready?´´ He said he was. And so I told him, ´´I am the new District Leader´´ and boy did he not believe still. But thankfully now he does. And so it came to pass that I've been made district leader with only 6 months on the mission. Yea. For everyone not Dad, district leader means you are in charge of all the missionaries in the district. In our case, its only us four in Quarai, but usually districts are more people. For example, there are 10 people in the district in Livramento. District Leader reports to the Zone leaders, who reports to the Assistants. I'm sure Dad can tell you all about that. So, anyway. Today was crazy. But I'm quite exited. Also, Elder Martini went to Uruguayana, a big city on the border of Argentina, the City where Elder Black is right now, and so now all of my companions so far will have served in Uruguayana because Cerquera started there. And Elder Marx, I'm not completely sure, I'll find out tomorrow, but I'm almost positive he went somewhere to be Zone Leader.
But anyway, the reason I will have to go to Santa Maria now was one that I did not forsee, as I will not be training. There is the Leadership counsel there that happens every little bit. It is a counsel President Ribeiro and his Assistants have with the District Leaders and Zone Leaders, so that should be pretty awesome."

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