Monday, January 17, 2011

"Mr. John is a Very Good Whatchemaker"

"Being District leader it turns out, can make you very busy.
Tuesday we left for Livramento. It was a super crazy trip because at the same time, the two new guys, Elder Taylor and Elder Matoso were arriving, so I had to meet up with them in the Livramento bus stop, and quickly give them the keys, and a map to the house.
Then we slept on the ground in Elder Gonzaga and Elder Wilsons house. Elder Gonzaga is a way awesome guy, he just got made District leader in Livramento. There, I got like 1 hour of sleep, and just got eaten up my mosquitos. Then we left at like 5 in the morning to go to the the Leadership counsel, me, Elder Gonzaga, and the Zone leaders, Elder Harris, and Elder Muller. The counsel was way awesome, I learned some sweet stuff, and met some awesome people, all the leaders of the mission. Then we returned home, Gonzaga and I got back at his apartment at like 1 in the morning. He didn't have the key, he left it with our companions, so we got in the building thanks to a member, and then sat there ringing the doorbell for like a half hour. Somehow, our companions did not wake up and hear. So we went and slept in our suits in the lobby of the building until 5:30, then got up, and finally woke up our companions. Then we finally took the bus back to Quarai, and I did a split with Elder Taylor to show him my old area a bit.
My new companion Elder Cerqueira is a cool guy. He is from Salvador Bahia.

Love you all!

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