Monday, January 31, 2011

More Baptisms

This week was a tough week in a lot of respects. Last week we found a lot of news, this week we had to cut a lot of them, quite frustrating. Though we are teaching an Uruguayan couple that is really cool. They speak more Spanish than Portugues, and can't even read Portugues, so I dug up an old Spanish Book of Mormon, and even wrote a little testimony in Spanish to give to them. They are really good, liking the lessons a lot. On Saturday I baptized a kid named Grigor. The guys who are now in my old area baptized two of the people Elder Martini and I were teaching, and this kid, Grigor, chose me to baptize him. This kid Grigor is going to be the prophet someday. His mom is inactive, and he has been going to church for the past 3 months alone. He has insanely good questions that many adults around here aren't capable of making.
That's about it for this week, I've got to go.

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