Monday, January 24, 2011

"I don't remember the word in English"

"Today, on Tuesday we had Zone meeting over in Livramento, and then afterward I did a division (that's what we call it here, I don't remember the word in English, splits, exchanges, I don't know, but we switched companions for a day) with Elder Muller, one of the Zone Leaders. It was pretty sweet, I learned a lot of cool stuff, then that night we got the call that we would be having interviews with Presidente Ribeiro the next morning (by the way Dad, things have just recently changed, Zone Conference and interviews are not something that happen every transfer now - more like every 2 transfers or so.) So, we had our interviews there in Livramento, and then Presidente Ribeiro drove Elder Cerqueira and I back to Quarai (but not before taking us out to a really nice lunch, hehe), so that he could do interviews with Elder Taylor and Elder Matoso, the other 2 guys in my old area. It was sweet to have so much time to talk to President. He is a super awesome guy. He knows a TON about the scriptures. His job before was as some high leader for the church educational system. Also cool about him, is that his mission was the Porto Alegre mission, back when it was all of Rio grande do sul, so he served in Santa Maria and stuff as a regular missionary. Pretty awesome.

This week we worked super hard to find more new investigators, talking with everyone, doing a bajillion contacts a day.

Also, about my new companion Elder Cerqueira:
I dont know what I've already told you about him. He's from Salvador, Bahia the northeast of Brazil. He joined the church when he was 18.
He has 3 tattoos, and a few scars from knives and bullets.
He´s a pretty cool guy.

Yesterday I gave a talk I did not know I was going to give.
A local radio host who is a member gave the prayer in sacrament meeting and it sounded like the radio.
We burned a bunch of saints for an investigator in her front yard.

Anyway, being a missionary is awesome, keep working hard, do your best, be good, feast upon your scriptures."

Note from Mom: I have requested more information on this "burning of saints". I'm sure it is not as bad as it sounds!

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