Tuesday, August 31, 2010

English Fasts and Other Fun Adventures

"Well, Spanish is super weird now. Whenever I try to remember it, it seems really really weird. But when I get back it should be really easy to relearn. I also want to learn some French and Italian. It shouldn't be too hard.

Last week we had some fresh Acai juice, it was really good. I'm over halfway through Jesus the Christ, I've had to superglue the binding multiple times. I'm just reading it too hard i guess. Haha. It is kinda funny as a missionary how much more interesting and awesesome ties and scripures become. We are always talkig about it, ´´ ooh Elder so and so has those nice bonded leather ones... etc.´´ Haha!

Soo... on 8/27/10 we went out proselyting in the Centro de Sao Paulo, downtown basically. We talked to a lot of people, it was really cool. One lady even gave us a pamphlet from her church, haha. Then after that, we were innocently walking along, and decided to talk to a guy who seemed to be reading something. Turns out it was the Bible and he was not very interested in hearing about the Book of Mormon. Turns out he was interested in telling us why it was fake. He really liked phrases like ´´Where is the book of john/matthew/you name it in the Book of Mormon?´´ or ´´Where is Mormon in the Bible?´´ It was quite frustrating. And then, of course, a ton of other people came over and were talking to us, one guy pulling out a bunch of scriptures from revelations, and I was just thinking, ´´Heck, I don't even understand this in English!´´ It would have been one thing to talk to these people in English, but Portugues? Ooh, another fun part, the guy told me I wasn't a messenger of Christ because I wasn't automatically completely fluent in Portuguese through the gift of tongues. Haha- anyway. We ended up waisting about a half hour or an hour doing that, we couldn't get away. And then only later did our teacher kindly inform us that we happened to be in the middle of some sort of Jehovahs Witnesses gathering of like 20 people in the middle of the park! Wonderful. Haha. Anyway. Later we did meet this really awesome guy who was like, ´´You guys are the guys who go around the world teaching the words of Christ right?´´ We said" Yea!" and talked to him a bunch. He said he had looked up our church a bit on the internet and he practically grabbed the Livro de Mormon out of my companions hand, and we gave him some stuff to read, and told him more about it. At the end he said, ´´o trabalho de voces e bonito, boa missao´´ roughly translated as ´´the work you do is beautiful, have a good mission´´ so that was cool. And we talked to some other cool people. So this week being our last in the mtc (oh my gosh! :O ) we decided to do an English fast all week - meaning we don't speak any English. It's pretty awesome."

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