Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brazilian Roommates and Their Dreams

"So, this week we had to go down to the police station to register as ´estrangeiros´. Also, we got 2 Brazilian roommates. It's cool to have them around to learn a little extra Portuguese. One of them woke up on their first day and said ´´Eu sonhei que minha namorada estava beijando uma outro cara!´´ Haha look it up on google translater or something.

Earlier this week we talked to an Elder whose brother went to Santa Maria, and he got to go down with his parents for a week and a half to pick up his brother. He said he absolutely loved it. It was really cool to talk to him. He said we will probably end up in Uruguay at some point for a bit, and he said they have really good food, lots of barbeques. He also said that due to the fact that there are so many European immigrants there, that there are some little European villages that even hae cobblestone streets! What could be cooler!?!

One cool thing I have been noticing is that there are a lot of Brazilian converts. A lot of them have been baptized in the past 5 years or so. I also talked to a few guys from Cabo Verde (cape verde) who have only been members like a year! I finally met some Brazilian Elders going to my mission the other day, and this guy who works here went there.

One thing I have really been learning is goal setting. Goal setting was never one of my strongpoints, but we do it a lot here. I have decided that after i get back from Brazil, I want to take a class in French and Italian, because after knowing Portugues, I think they would be easy. They all have a lot in common. One weird thing about our teachers here is they don't really speak English well. We are always having to teach them stuff they do wrong.

One crazy part about Brazil is how expensive anything from the US is. Imports cost soooooo much. We saw Puma shoes for 700 reais. Even stuff like m&ms are like twice as much. Then there is stuff like maple syrup, which is crazy expensive here. This Brazilian was asking me the other day if I liked ´´maple and rootbeer´´ I replied 'yes' and he says that he loves them and sometimes his Dad gets them. Sometimes they have pancackes here, and the syrup is basically water colored like syrup that has some sugar in it. So we figured out we have to just butter it, and then pour tons of sugar on it.

Pretty much winter here is a joke. It's like 60 degrees lowest and all the Brazilians have their sweaters on. But it still gets up to high 70s probably. this last year has gone by insanley fast. I can not believe a year ago I started at BYU!"

Elder Poulsen's Dad, Eric, reports the translation: It means "I dreamed my girlfriend was kissing another guy"

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