Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Small World!

"The food here is for the most part way better than Provo. Pretty much for breakfast everyday we have rolls with ham and cheese, juice, and then eggs or some cereal depending on the day. Then for lunch and dinner, we have beans and rice of course, some sort of meat (yes literally every lunch and dinner, i dont think there has been one without meat yet) it is usually beef, but sometimes chicken. Then we have various fruits, such as pineapple, watermelon, guava, etc. and then to drink, there is Guarana, the delicious Brazilian soda, and then lots of juices. Fun fact, cashews actually come from a fruit. They are on the top of a cashew fruit. Cashew juice is yummy. Weird huh?

This week, we the CTM choir, sang at a local chapel open house 4 nights in a row. They took pictures and are going to try to get it in the Liahona i think.

It is always really funny to ask Brazilians about Futebol because no matter who they are they always get worked up about it. There are 4 teams in just Sao Paulo.

The other day we were in class and then a bird flew into our window. That was hilarious.

There are two other Elders from fresno here, and i didnt know either of them before, but we know lots of common people. One is Elder Manson from East Stake, he went to University High, and then the other is Elder Mclelland who lived in Fresno as a kid, and then just moved back. He is from Auberry, so his family is actually in our stake. Crazy story - 6 of the 8 guys in my district here went to BYU Provo, and 5 of us lived within like 50 yards - 3 in the same building, another in their ward, and then me. I actually knew 2 of them. One I played basketball with a few times, he was in my district in Provo too.

On saturday we got to go proselyting!!!! We did companion exchanges so i had a Brazilian companion. We walked around for over 2 hours talking to people and handed out some Livro de Mormons. It was cool. My companion did most of the talking, but I was able to say a lot. There were a few old guys we talked to for a while. I understood about half of it... or less. They just talk so dang fast! Haha."

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