Monday, March 19, 2012

"At Least We Had a Baptism!"

Well, this week we had some interesting experiences.
On Tuesday, while we were up at the Northern part of the city, by the
URI (universtity), there was a crazy rain and wind storm, so some
workers invited us to hide in the building that they were remodeling.
Also, we taught a guy from a nearby city, Santo Antonio das Missoes,
that said that 6 years ago there was a hail storm there that dropped
hail as big as oranges! It apparently destroyed 90% of the city! That's
Also, on Wednesday, we had another encounter with a difficult individual. Oh

goodness, that was tiring. When we entered in this guy's house,
and found out how antagonistic he was being, I just wanted to cry and die. I was
already super tired and drained from trying to be reasonable and well
mannered with the last one. And this one was not any different.
Anyway, the week was an extremely difficult week, very exhausting, and
very faith trying.
But hey, at least we had a baptism at the end of it all!

1- Feij√£o, I made beans and rice today for lunch

2- Baptism on Saturday
3- My shoe's not well. The shoe that had been resoled, the sole is all
worn down on one side...

4- $

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