Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello family! Comequetemo!?

So this week was kind of a tough week so far as work goes, we have spent a lot of time looking for new investigators, but it has been tough. But the good news is that our progressing investigators are doing really well!

The other night Alexandre and Luciana held a Churrasco at their house to announce their marriage to their family and stuff, and we went for part of it, it was cool. But then we had to go home before any of the food was ready because it was 9:30, then Alexandre offered to bring us some of the food after it was done, he did, it was really good.

On Saturday, Antonio was baptized!! He is so awesome. I don´t know how much of him you all remember from what I´ve sent, but he is from Peru, but now lives in Chile, then he studied in Argentina for a bit, and then came here to Santa Maria. He has been investigating the church for about 8 years. His story is a long one. But he is awesome, I love that guy. It was really good.

Then on Saturday, afterward, there was this Elders Quorum activity to visit a bunch of inactive people, so we went. Unfortunately, it didn't go so well. We got two names to visit, both on the same street. Unfortunately, streets in Brazil aren´t always as organized as the streets in the States. Numbers often go like this: 69, 119, 34, 50, and so forth. They don´t always have order. So we walked up and down the entire road for like an hour looking for these people. We found one, the person had moved like 8 years ago, and then the other we didn't even find. But hey, whatever.

Church was good this week. I taught the Gospel Principles class on 1 minute of notice, as is often the case for us missionaries, when the teacher doesn't show up or stuff like that. It was good though. Isabel and Laura´s baptism was marked for this week, but only Laura´s will be able to happen. Both of them want to be baptized a lot, but Isabel´s husband apparently isn´t too thrilled about her going to church every Sunday morning, as he is accustomed to going on walks with her on Sundays. So she wants to get that worked out before getting baptized. But they are doing really great. They are way awesome.
This next week we are going to go to Laura´s English class and talk to them about the United States and stuff. It will be cool, and a good oportunity to perhaps get new investigators.
Monday was a super busy day in the office - way busy. I am showing Elder Menk how to do all the stuff we do here in the office, but it's going good. Elder Menk is a good guy. He is Brazilian, but the funny thing is that he is more American than Brazilian. He has lived more time there than here. He feels more comfortable speaking/reading English than Portugues - pretty funny. And he even makes Portugues mistakes that many Americans make, haha.
These last few days have been SO HOT.
We just walk around during the afternoon dripping with sweat. Summer is starting indeed.
Have an excellent week everyone!

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