Friday, December 9, 2011

The Comings and the Goings

Arriving group

The Group going home. Elder Albrechtsen, Gillett, Tafoya, and Foster. One my comp, and the other 3 were district leaders in my zones

Elder Albrechtsen, I, and our converts, Victor, Alexandre, Luciana, Isabel, and Laura
Laura´s baptism

So on Saturday we had Laura´s baptism. It was really good! She bore her testimony about how we had brought peace and light into her home, and how happy she was. It was awesome.

Sunday morning in the Ward Executive Committee meeting, Bishop Safuan remarked that the people who have been baptized recently have been really good people.
So then on Sunday we visited Victor and then Laura and Isabel. Victor got called on to give a talk next week! Its going to be sweet.
Interesting story- I don't think I told you this, but a year ago, Elder Albrechtsen passed in this same area for just a transfer. And he said that last year, he knocked on Victor´s door, but they said no. Interesting isn´t it? His time had just not arrived yet.

On Monday we had a crazy busy day because of the transfer, so we had to send the tranfer out to everyone, take a bajilion phone calls, and other such things, and then prepare for all the trainings we would give this week.

Tuesday we spent picking up the newbies in Porto Alegre, then coming back and spending the evening at President's house with them.
Fun thing - The van driver was from Serbia, he even played on the National Serbian Rugby team, but married a Brazilian and came here.

Wednesday was trainings with the newbies and the trainers.
Yesterday, we had the leadership council. It was really good.

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