Saturday, November 12, 2011

Suprise Trip to Porto Alegre

The Newbies:
So here we go.
Saturday- Really good day, we had some really good lessons. We had lunch at Cerezer (an investigator of ours)´s restaurant. We taught Laura. Laura is a student we found on the street near the office, or actually she found us. She heard us talking with accents in Portuguese, and turned around and started talking to us in English, asking us where we were from and what we did. It turns out she lives right by the chapel, in a big building on the corner. We went and taught her, and it was a really good lesson, then she came to church on Sunday. We taught her again on Thursday, with her mom. It was a very good lesson. They understood very well, and will read and pray about the Book of Mormon. They said they would come to church again this week.

Also, on Saturday we taught Alexandre and Luciana. They are doing so well! I can just see how the gospel is blessing their lives! We are fellowshipping them very well with members, we have brought a few other couples from the ward to visits, and had really good lessons. On Saturday we taught the commandments to them, and they were completely willing to obey all of the commandments. They wanted to get married, and Alexandre wanted to completely quit smoking and drinking. We came yesterday, expecting to make goals with him to stop smoking, but he told us he had already stopped smoking for 2 days!! They are reading the scriptures a lot and understanding really well. Alexandre is almost done with 1 Nephi. He was saying in the lesson, ´´oh yea this reminds me of that part when Lehi has a dream and there is the iron rod...´´ he is understanding and reading the scriptures a lot!

They are truly an example of how we really just need to talk with everyone. We found them one morning on the way to lunch. It was like 11:55, and he was in front of his house. We stopped, and did a quick contact with him, then we came back another day after an appointment had fallen through. So anyway, we just need to get them married, and then baptized!

Tuesday- really crazy day. So this last week we were doing Zone conferences, and so Elder Albrechtsen was going to go travel with President doing trainings in Livramento and Uruguaiana, and I would stick in Santa Maria working with another guy, then on Thursday, I would go up to Santo Angelo to do the training there. Then we would com back to Santa Maria, and have the conference here. But the plans got changed a little.

Tuesday, a bit before lunch, I was already working with Elder Lima, and Presidente and Elder Albrechtsen were already traveling doing conferences. I then got a call that 7 new Americans had just gotten their visas and would be arriving in Porto Alegre the NEXT DAY. So I would no longer be going to Santo Angelo, I would stay in Santa Maria, and pick up the newbies at the bus stop after the Secretaries from Porto Alegre North Mission had gotten them from the airport to the bus station on the way to SM (thats what usually happens when people get here out of the transfer). Then we kept working. It wasn't a super big deal, I would just have to figure out appointments and stuff for the next day. Then at like 6pm, our financial secretery called me and said, ´´Are you ready to travel?!´´ So yea, apparently the Porto Alegre people couldn´t do it, so we had to book a van super quick, and we left the next morning for Porto Alegre.

Wednesday- I basically travelled the whole day. The night was cool though, we had a dinner at President's house (except President wasn't there, just Sister Ribeiro) but it was good. I got to play a tad bit of music with Elder Asbahr. Elder Asbahr plays violin, and I played piano. He is from Sao Paulo but wants to go to BYU after the mission. He took my spot in Cruz Alta 1 when I left there. So he knows the family of Rafael and Patricia really well. Now he is the new financial secretary.

Thursday - we had zone conference for the 2 zones here in Santa Maria. President talked about the life of Paul the Apostle, it was really interesting. It made me want to study a bunch more about him. I did a training on the Preach my Gospel principle ´´How to Begin Teaching´´ (Chapter 10)

So yea. There's kind of a summary of my week.

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