Friday, November 18, 2011

Pesqusadores Progredindo!

E aí gente tudo bem?
Church this week was real good. We had a bunch of people, most importantly, Alexandre and Luciana, and also Laura and her mom. Alexandre and Luciana are doing so awesome. They are reading a ton the Book of Mormon and stuff. Alexandre is in 2 Nephi already. They are so awesome. When we go to their house and greet them, i can see the love in their eyes that they have for us for having brought the Restored Gospel to their lives. On Sunday, Alexandre was asking me how he could pay tithing, and I told him he didnt need to until he was a member, but he said that he already felt like a member, haha. They are doing really good. We are getting them really well fellowshipped with various other couples and members from the ward.
Laura is also doing really well. She is really smart, understands the message very well, and really feels the Spirit in the lessons. She is doing really good. I´m really excited about her.
Things are going swell. The mission is so awesome. Being able to drink so deeply from the well of the scriptures and invite others to join in is awesome.
Weeks go by faster and faster. Elder Albrechtsen has basically only 2 more weeks. Pretty crazy! We have been companions for a really long time. We always joke about that. I´m not really sure what to write. The week went by really fast, but things are going good.

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