Monday, February 14, 2011

The Sower

"Well this week was cool. Monday I had 7 months as a missionary. Tuesday we did a division with the Zone leaders. I was with Elder Harris, he is a way awesome guy from
Lindon Utah. I learned a lot of sweet stuff. I have been studying preach my gospel a lot, the lessons mainly, to be able to teach ridiculously well. That's my goal anyway.

Right now we are teaching a couple that is really good, they've already been to church 2 times and they are liking it a lot. The wife is the daughter of an inactive couple we are activating.

I tried playing the guitar the other day and it was hard because all the calusses and build up on my fingers are gone. Wow, it's going to be way fun and painful to start playing again after the mission.

Lately I have been realizing my role in Quarai, I am the semeador, which means the sower. Quarai, for the past long time, has been known as basically the worst/ hardest city in the mission. I worked hard for 4 months in Santa Helenara, and saw little results ( like a sower when he looks back at a field he just planted), but now, Elder Taylor and Elder Matoso are having good success there, and will be baptizing a lot of my investigators there. And it could be the same thing that will happen where I am now, covering the rest of the city. Other than one other missionary, from what I know, I have spent more time already in this city than anyone else. Also, from what I know, I am the only missionary to have worked in all the branches of the city. I am working hard, hoping and believing that in a bit, when I am in some other city, Quarai will be known as one of the better areas of the mission."

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