Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Night

"This week has been tough. I've been here in this city for a super long time. The transfer is today, but I haven't found out if I will be transfered or not.
This week we did a Noite Familiar (family night) that you will see in the picture, with some members and this really good couple we are teaching. They have gone to church the past 3 weeks. They are totally going to get baptized. But they will have to get married first. A very small amount of people here actually get married legally. And so to be baptized, couples usually have to get married first.
One funny thing about this place is that all the B
razillians seem to think that us Americans live on the North Pole or something. They always say ´´Oh it must be cold up there.´´ and then I reply ´´Actually, no´´ haha.
An awesome thing is all the fruit trees that are here. The Guava trees are starting to get ripe, so we just grab guava to eat off the tree. It's quite good. I'm not sure why we don't have guava in the US. If it grows here, it should grow in Fresno. The climates are very similar.

PS I just got the call that I am being TRANSFERRED to a city called Cruz Alta, a much bigger city, I'm going to be with Elder Neves, and apparently the ward is really good!"

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