Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't worry, I'm a good boy.

"Então, the big news around here in Brazil the last few weeks, is that craziness is happening in Rio de Janeiro, like quase civil war between the police, and the huge gigantic ridiculous drug business up there.

Today I saw a Beedrill. Okay not really, but almost. it was a very large insect that looks just like one. Kinda cool but also really not. Haha.

Also, its really weird singing Christmas songs for S
acrament meeting when it is over 40 degrees C outside. That means like, over 100 degrees F. Yay. It's pretty awesome for walking around on the street all day.
I set up the Christmas decorations you sent me, I'll send you a picture. Don't worry, I'm a good boy, I didnt open the presents yet. The pistachios were a good idea, but the bag exploded in the box and by the time I got them they were stale.

Lately I have been thinking and working hard on being bold. As a missionary, you really have to be bold. You must boldly declare the truth, so that the people can have no doubt that we are the true church of Christ, the same that he organized 2000 years ago.

Lately I have been making a lot of limeade ( like fresh from a real lime). Its super cheap because 1 lime makes 1 liter, and one lime only costs like 30 centavos, which would be like less than 20 American cents.

Also, with respect to Portugues, let's just say that now, whenever I need to look up a word, I look it up in the real Portugues dictionary I bought, that has thorough definitions in Portugues. Pretty awesome.

The other day I saw and handeled an ostrich egg. Living in another country is so aweomse. You learn so much. It has expanded my mind and universe in a way that I can only compare to how music and books have. I remember when I submitted my papers, there was a thing where you could say how much you wanted to learn another language, 1 through 10. I put 10 without hesitation. Haha.

Other countries do have their downsides though. As it has been getting way hotter, insects have also been... proliferating...(what a miracle I remember such an intellectual English word). There are always ants crawling around and stuff ( not like a lot a lot, but enough to notice). At night, If I dont make sure my door and window is completely shut and I have the fan on, I wake up multiple times a night getting eaten up by bugs.

The other day I heard the school band playing ´´The Final Coutdown´´
Elder Silva Santos got transferred so we will be getting a new Brazilian here.
All in all, things are hard but awesome.
I love you all!"

note from mom: a Beedrill is a pokemon - I'm so out of it I had to look it up on the internet!

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