Monday, December 27, 2010

"As I Search The Holy Scriptures"

"Well it was awesome to talk to you all on Christmas!
This week was fairly uneventfull other than that.
Lately we have been trying to work a lot more with the members. Missionary work is impossible without the members. Well at least it is here.
It was a very interesting Christmas. Being ridiculously far from home (please go on google earth or something and find how far Fresno is from Quarai for me- miles and Kilometers), and also it being ridiculously hot, it didn't really feel much like Christmas, but it's all good. All in all, it was very strange.
Lately, I have been absolutely loving the sunsets and sunrises here. We're basically out in the middle of nowhere, and beyond the city, there are just fields and hills, there are just crazy cool colors in the sky sometimes..
There is a fruit bus here. This 50 year old bus that drives around at 1 mph selling fruit. Pretty sweet.
Yesterday we sung ´´Estudando as Escrituras´´ in priesthood. Guess which song that is? Hahha. I absolutely love that song now. It used to be just kind of annoying when Dad would always want to sing it for Family Night. Then it became a big joke. But now I really love that song."

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